The Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry was created in 1999, being fostered either by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Italy and the joint efforts of many Italian industrial Associations. The main purpose of the Chamber is strengthening, fostering and developing economical and cultural relations by increasing the level of mutual knowledge, key tool for an effective integration.
Being one of the 38 Bilateral Joint Chambers of Commerce in Italy, it is the only official Organization recognized by the Italian Government, aimed at enhancing economical and trade relations between Italy and Iran.
The Bilateral Joint Chambers of Commerce are a trustworthy network and a meeting point where the interests of two markets get together; they also represent foreign business communities deeply linked to the Italian system. This reciprocal cooperation gives the Italian economic system the chance of widening investment and business opportunities.
The Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry groups leading industrial Companies, top banks and many small and medium Companies. The IICC is a reliable point of reference for its members supporting their activities and realizing their projects, promoting joint ventures agreements and any other initiative aimed at enforcing commercial and economical relations between Companies belonging to both Countries.
The Chamber promotes and organizes economical, cultural and scientific activities, conferences and seminars. It carries out market researches, business scouting and match making activities to find suitable business partners in Iran and in Italy. Besides, the IICC participates in international fairs and exhibitions and organizes business and trade missions for the operators of the two countries, both in Italy and Iran. Furthermore, the Chamber gives its contribution to the works of the Italy-Iran joint Commission.
To achieve all these goals the IICC acts together with entrepreneurial organizations, Iranian and Italian diplomatic Authorities and the Irano-Italian Chamber of Commerce industries and mines in Tehran.