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Iran-Italy: the traces of ancient Persia in Rome in the book by Angelo Michele Piemontese "Historiated Persia in Rome
"Roma che di Persia è adorna Allieta chi in Urbe soggiorna". (Rome, that of Persia is adorned, brightens up who stays in Town).The precious volume published by Vatican Apostolic Library, with a rich bibliography and many beautiful images, reveals the signs of ancient Persia in Rome over time, through the story of the Three Wise Men up to the Christian Saints native to Persia and venerated in Rome since the third century, still visible in monuments, churches and museums of the city. Professor Piemontese accompanies and invites even the most demanding reader to master the subject. The Persian Sibyl, Zoroaster in the Vatican and many other personalities are a beautiful journey through time up to the first diplomatic ties (the Friendship Agreement in the year 1263, which will be strengthened as an alliance against the common Turkish-Ottoman enemy in 1458). Several Persian events are mentioned in many Rooms of the Vatican, such as the extraordinary characters by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel and by Raphael in “Room of the Segnatura” at Vatican Museums. In the Quirinal Palace (current official residence of President of the Italian Republic, in the past residence for thirty Popes) the frescoes with the Safavid Embassies to Pope Paul V in the loggias of the Great Hall of the Cuirassiers (the Throne Room of the Popes) confirm us that Rome envisions Iran over time with a large range of significant references that few others foreign countries considered in the same way.